HS Bio Room

Sessions 4A-4E

Session 4A: Karen Wilson
ChildNEXUS: informing, educating and empowering those who experience the world differently

Session 4B: Debbie Steinberg Kuntz, LMFT
The Bright & Quirky Movement

For the past 2 years, Bright & Quirky has been sharing the wisdom of the top 2e experts through online summits and support groups and is helping thousands of parents raising 2e kids learn strategies and solutions to help their unconventional kids thrive.

Session 4C: Debbie Reber, M.A.
Inside TiLT Parenting

Debbie Reber will share an inside look at the how (and why) behind her global community for parents raising neurologically atypical kids, TiLT Parenting, the TiLT Parenting podcast, and her book “Differently Wired,” including the movement and community she is fostering and plans for the future.

Session 4D: Randi Rasco
Building Community Support for 2e Learners

This presentation will be regarding 2e Alamo City (www.2ealamocity.org), a newly established non-profit organization of dedicated educational professionals and families, who are working to identify and meet the needs of 2e learners in San Antonio. Last spring, the group met at St. Mary’s University to view the award-winning film by Thomas Ropelewski, 2e: twice exceptional, which is a documentary on Bridges Academy in Los Angeles. I led the post-viewing discussion, sharing my own experiences as a 2e learner, in light of my training at Bridges Academy. In the discussion, teachers, administrators, and family members articulated their experiences, insights, and passion to assist 2e students. This included several teachers stating enthusiastically that they would relish the opportunity to be part of an innovative 2e school. I will share where our organization is heading in order to inspire others with a passion for 2e learners to found non-profit organizations in their cities.

Session 4E: Randi Rasco
Developing and Founding a Public 2e School

This presentation would be sharing my work towards founding a school to provide an educational experience that meets the needs of the estimated 2,200 Twice Exceptional (2e) students in San Antonio, including the obstacles I have encountered. Currently, no 2e educational options, private or public, are available in the Alamo City. In the state of Texas, there are no public 2e schools. Twice exceptional students deserve access to specific and targeted support and enrichment in order to excel. The San Antonio metro area has a large population, 96%, of economically disadvantaged students. I believe that public education is the only chance that many of our children will have to break the cycle of generational poverty. I would love to share my school model in order to inspire others with passion for 2e learners to found public 2e schools in their cities.